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Krishika Kisaan Marts

Making a difference

Krishika Kisaan Marts provide high quality agri inputs, along with free expert guidance and advice. The endeavour is to improve farm incomes, and make them more predictable, be it for the medium or large farmers, or the small and marginal farmers. We rely heavily on technology along with expert human intervention to ensure impactful and timely guidance and inputs are made available for the farmers.


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Company Operated Marts

Complete range of high quality agri inputs made available through company operated Kisaan Marts. Farmers are welcome to drop in, have a cup of tea and chat with our qualified agri experts called Kissan Sarathis. Farmers can also enquire about ancillary services like pest management, advance weather updates, credit and insurance services, etc.



The future of rural e-commerce

Krishika Kisaan eMart is a an assisted e-commerce solution, whereby, a village representative who is trained under the Krishika Kisaan Saarathi program is issued the corporate version of the Krishika mobile app. Through this app, the Kisaan Saarathi can carry out surveys, and also accumulate orders on behalf of farmers. These bulk orders are then processed and delivered through the Krishika network.



Agri Experts

Our Kisaan Saarathis are trained by our agriculture experts, who are BSc. or MSc. Agriculture, and some even PhD. They undergo a stringent training program under Krishika, and are trained to have an exciting career providing best guidance to our farmers and farmer representatives. If you are keen on an exciting career as a Kisaan Saarathi serving the farmers' needs, and have a pleasing personality along with a will to work hard, do get in touch with us.

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